In the provision of our vision, the policy is to retain a practical but wide-ranging Quality Management System. We offer superior quality services with an extremely pocket-friendly budget. Our policy works on the following key principles:

  • The happiness and satisfaction of clients both external and internal shall be the prime focus of the quality management system.
  • Implementation of ASHRAE, NFPA, ASTM, IEEE & SMACNA engineering standards.
  • Staff shall be encouraged and authorized to contribute to quality improvement deeds through teamwork and meetings.
  • Prepare procedure manuals, quality management plans, process flowcharts, work methods, operational policies, and
  • Ensure immediate response and resource availability.

Health & Safety:

The Firm will be responsible for giving training for the health and safety of all staff on-site and Company premises. During the project, staff induction safety training will be provided to ensure that staff is trained in Health & Safety matters to a level appropriate to their responsibilities. For this matter, we follow these guidelines:

  • To retain decent standards of housekeeping in our locations and on client sites.
  • To experience any Health, Safety, Environmental and operational training considered obligatory by the Company and/or the Client
  • To report any flaws or weaknesses in the apparatus without delay.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Provide workers right tools and equipment for job on site.

Labor & Workers:

We have a team of expert and trained staff who works as a team and we realize their necessities and requirements on site. For this matter, we make sure our quality policy remains perfect and followed in every manner.

Education & Training:

We always motivate our staff to attend trainnings /workshops /conferences related to their field. We also encourage our staff to learn modern and up to date tools and techniques which stay beneficial for them to work passionately. Mechanical, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, and plumbing services are our areas of expertise and specialisation. We have established a strong reputation for our engineering services, which help clients optimise their engineering procedures.