Plumbing System

We focus on providing plumbing CAD drawings at cheap costs for the structure of different types of water systems for both commercial and residential projects. We offer the following plumbing services to our clients.

Drainage system

  • Sanitary drainage system
  • Pressurized drainage system
  • Wastewater drainage system
  • Sub/Soil drainage system
  • Road drainage system
  • Swimming pool and fountain Drainage system
  • SPA drainage system
  • Commercial kitchen/laundry drainage System
  • Drainage pumping station

Water Supply System

  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen / Laundry water distribution system
  • Extreme Hot water distribution system
  • Swimming pool and fountain water distribution system
  • Garden Sprinkler system
  • Water supply pumping station
  • External irrigation system
  • SPA water distribution system
  • Water supply treatment plant room